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We're revolutionizing the way companies do sales. Sail does all the hard work of sourcing and managing leads so that your team can focus on closing them.
Sail supports teams in tech, finance, healthcare, and more:
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Hey Mark, Blown away by your experience in patent development and global team management. Also saw your post about visiting France on Linkedin and leading a hackathon - it honestly seemed like a fantastic experience! Cutting to the the chase: my co-founder and I built a pretty darn cool AI-sales automation platform. So far we've been able to 10x outbound sales with our users, while saving them the need to hire SDRs. All this while being completely on autopilot...
Hey Mark, I'm reaching out today to let you know I saw that you're working at Facebook as a Software Engineer! I'm Impressed by your background and expertise in patent engineering. I'm writing to you from Sail. We've built a new product called the Sail platform. We've been able to 10x outbound sales with our users, automate their processes, and help them boost revenue.
Tailored emails, everytimeSail automatically researches leads and their background, reads any recent news and company updates, analyzes intent signals, and tailors each email to the lead. All while preserving your company's unique style.
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HenrySVP of sales at XYZ
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XYZ raised Series A
Construction Tech
AshleySales lead at Hooli Inc.
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Hooli raised Series B
Internet and Technology
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RonHead of Marketing at Openpod
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Openpod raised Series B
Sail learns exactly why customers choose you By monitoring which leads are responding, which deals are closing, and which topics come up consistently, Sail learns to optimize, target new audiences, and re-target old ones.
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Get more demos booked instantlyOur customers, on average, achieve a 17% positive reply rate. Sail continuously sends and learns from well performing outbound to keep improving conversion.