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Every lead is researched.

When Sail finds a lead, it thoroughly researches through a network of data sources associated to the lead to find the best thing to say, every time.

Fine-tuned to never hallucinate.

John Insights
• extensive patent experience (published 4) • led hackathon in France last month • been in current role for 3 years
Salespot Insights
• sales dept. grew by 26% last three months • high search intent on AI sales • viewed website 3 days ago
To: John Smith < AutopilotHi John, Blown away by your experience inpatent development and global team management. Also saw your post aboutvisiting France on Linkedin and leading a hackathon - it honestly seemed like a fantastic experience! Cutting to the the chase, I noticed that you guys at Salespot have been hiring more SDRs the past few months so figured I'd reach out. My co-founder and I built a pretty darn cool AI-sales automation platform. So far we've been able to 10x outbound sales with our users, while saving them the need to hire SDRs. All this while being completely on autopilot. Totally get if now is a bad time, but would genuinely love to grab a few minutes and show you what we built. Any chance you're free for a few minautes sometime this week? Simar Kohli

Engagement on autopilot.

Autonomous engagements and follow-ups without any effort. Never lose a lead again.

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AI that grows with you.

Sail's AI is continuesly fine-tuned and trained with the best sales outbound as well as your preferences.

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